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If you are looking for the latest in low frequency sound reproduction technologies then you have come to the right place ! With our Ultra High Gain DSP Servo technology we aim to transcend the boundaries between accurate music reproduction and high output home theater environments by producing subwoofer technology that does not compromise in either application.

Todays market place is crowded out with many conventional 'me-too' subwoofer designs which are usually just a variation of a sealed or vented box with some simple equalization applied to flatten the response. Servobass subwoofers standout from the crowd simply because our subwoofer designs employ sophisticated DSP servo control technology as well as many other refinements which make a difference in both the subjective experience as well as objective performance. We are not afraid to push the envelope and run exhaustive tests to make sure we have achieved our goals ! Other vendors usually shy away from providing extensive test results simply because their products will fail. Instead they will wax lyrical about their many so called achievements but when it's all said and done it adds up to very little from a practical perspective.

Whilst this website is still under construction we recomend that you have a look at some of the exciting new products we have in store for the audio aficionado and bookmark this page for some exciting new updates.



Last Updated November 2, 2014